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Cancellation policies

Cancellation, return and refund policies

Reservation policies The rates, shown on the website are valid only at the time of your quote, may change without prior notice according to the conditions of each provider as long as they have not been reserved and confirmed.

Reservations are subject to availability until confirmed. The reservation is considered confirmed when the corresponding payment has been covered and there is an electronic reservation coupon with a confirmation number. Availability cannot be guaranteed until full payment or section payment has been received as applicable.

Sometimes it is necessary to check availability directly with the provider before you can confirm a service. We ask for a maximum of 24 hours in order to send you the confirmation. It is important to mention that no charge will be made to your card until this availability is assured.

At the time of booking, you authorize, in writing and / or verbally, that we use your credit card number or the means chosen to make your payment; and expressly confirms knowing and accepting our reservation, payment, disclaimer and cancellation policies.

To avoid any setback, you must print the corresponding coupon and present it when requesting your paid service, as proof of reservation. If you want to modify or cancel, it is necessary to contact a travel advisor as soon as possible, having your coupon with a reservation number on hand. For more information, contact our advisers at [email protected] or phone 01 (). We ask you to read our CANCELLATION POLICIES and we remind you that any reservation change is subject to availability and to a re-quote of rates.

Payment policies

For payment of your reservation, we accept Visa and MasterCard credit / debit cards. If you do not have any of these cards, you can also pay through a transfer or deposit at participating banks. For more information on this, contact one of our online advisors.

The charge to your debit / credit card will be made until the reservation status shows “confirmed availability”. This will be reflected in your account statement.

If you require a tax invoice, you must request it with the agent assigned to your reservation at [email protected] the same month that you have made your payment. It is worth mentioning that for tax reasons the invoices will be prepared after generating the corresponding payment.

Cancellation policies

All cancellation requests must be requested in writing to the following email: [email protected]

Any cancellation will generate an administrative fee of 30% of the total value of the contracted services, in addition to the corresponding penalty assigned by the provider, if applicable. If the amount of the reservation to be reimbursed is used for the purchase of another activity, CheapTripss will forgive the percentage corresponding to administrative expenses, leaving only the penalty assigned by the corresponding provider, if applicable.

In the case of hotels, if the cancellation is made more than 72 hours before arrival, one night’s charge will be charged at the corresponding rate plus 30% of administrative expenses, in addition to the penalty assigned by the corresponding provider.

Cancellations during high seasons, such as Christmas, New Years, Easter, Easter and the months of July and August; Within 15 days before arrival, 2 nights will be charged at the corresponding rate plus 30% of administrative expenses or whatever results within the policies of each hotel or service provider, since each of these has their own policies and, in some cases, specifically for the high season, no refund is applicable.

Reservations canceled 6 to 0 days before the date of service, regardless of the reason for it, are subject to NO SHOW charges policies in which no refund will be made.

When the user decides, for whatever reason, to desist from their accommodation during the period thereof, already being in the hotel, it is understood that it is under their own responsibility, that the agency is free from any liability and that there will be no refund .

On airline tickets, cancellations, name changes or date changes are not accepted; and they are not refundable. Cheaptripss is responsible for any change in itinerary or for any change / error in data provided by you for the issuance of airline tickets, such as names, surnames, ages, gender, dates, routes, airlines, classes, categories … The same will happen in the case of land reservations and maritime or cruise services.


If the providers of the contracted services are unable to partially or totally provide the services due to force majeure or fortuitous cases, Cheaptripss will only manage on behalf of the user and will be limited to reimbursement of the amount that proceeds, excluding any other commitment.

The agency reserves the right to modify the order of the services indicated on this website for their better development or for reasons that justify it. When Cheaptripss is the one who cancels a trip or excursion of any nature for reasons beyond the customer’s control, he will be obliged but limited to reimburse all of the advances or payments he has made.

In case of cancellation by the client, the refund applied will be calculated according to the Cancellation Policies, depending on whether it is done in cash or to be used in another activity.

The fact that the client provides an advance and / or payment for the chosen service implies their acceptance of the conditions and responsibilities specified on this site.


You declare under protest to tell the truth, appearing by your own and personal right that you are a natural or moral person, of legal age, skilled and with sufficient means or with economic capacity and interest in acquiring the intermediation and reservation services that are here specify; and that for this it uses the Cheaptripss site, which functions solely as an intermediary between you and the direct providers of tourist services.

You state, regardless of your country of origin, that you are of sufficient legal age to use this website and to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, as well as to be responsible for the legal obligations incurred by the use of this site. You understand that you will be financially responsible for all your use of this website and those who employ it using your information to access it.